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A Buying Guide to Chests Of Drawers

A chest of drawers is a staple piece of furniture for every bedroom and are a versatile piece of furniture. They can be bought with multiple drawers which are ideal for storing clothing, accessories and everyday personal items and with their generous surface they are perfect for displaying ornaments, picture frames and other accessories.

A chest of drawers can be bought in many styles, materials and colours. Which is something that should be considered when buying your perfect chest of drawers.

A few things to consider before purchasing a chest of drawers are:


One of the first things you should consider is the space you have available to place your chest of drawers. Depending on where you are going to place your chest you should consider both floor space and the area surrounding area. You may not anticipate how far the drawers will extend, this could cause problems when trying to fully extend the drawers.


Tallboy Chest of Drawers

Tallboy chest of drawers

A tallboy chest of drawers can also be known as a ‘highboy’. A tallboy is a chest of drawers that are taller than your standard chest of drawers and narrower.

Tallboy chests of drawers are ideal for the bedroom, as they offer plenty of storage without taking up too much of that all-important floor space.

Classic Chest of Drawers

Classic chest of drawers

A classic chest of drawers is a great edition to any bedroom. We offer a huge collection of classic chests of drawers, which all start with a minimum of three drawers. With each drawer having a deep wide design they are an ideal compact storage solution.

Our collection caters for all, whether you have a never-ending collection of clothes to having just a few staple items. We have the chest for you! We offer chests of 3 drawers right up to chests of 6 drawers.

Their generous surface they are perfect for displaying ornaments, televisions and other accessories.

Two Over Chest of Drawers

‘Two over’ chest of drawers

If you’re planning to buy only one chest of drawers for your room, then we would advise getting a combination that includes smaller drawers. These combination chests of drawers are highly practical and excellent for organisation. The wider drawers are ideal to store all your clothes and the small ones are perfect for storing little bits and bobs.

Again, their spacious surface tops are excellent for placing all your personal and homely items.



The majority of our chest of drawers arrive flat packed, accompanied with easy to follow step by step instructions to assemble each part of the product one by one. As with any flat pack furniture for safe and easy construction we would recommend this item to be assembled by two people, as it may be a heavy piece of furniture.


  • Assemble with a blanket or sheet on the floor to protect your new piece of furniture from scratches, as well as your floor.
  • Assemble as close to intended final room position, as this is a large, heavy product to manoeuvre. Keep your hardware in a bowl to prevent losing any!
  • Using power tools is strongly not advised, as this could cause some damage and will also invalidate the warranty.

Shop our entire Chest of Drawers range here.

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