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Wardrobe Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a wardrobe we would all love as much storage space as possible but unfortunately space can be limited and not all of us can have a walk in wardrobe. Luckily we have some great designs and styles, which will complement your room and give you the best storage possible.

There are many types of wardrobes to choose from, so we have put a guide together to help your decision process before you buy.


Double Wardrobe

Double door wardrobes — The most common type the double door wardrobe can either house a single clothing rail or be split and have a side of shelving, there are also frequently top interior shelves and sometimes a bottom shelf. For bonus storage space it is not uncommon to have a drawer at the base of your double wardrobe.

3 door Wardrobe3 door and 4 door WardrobeThree door and four door wardrobes — These wardrobes offer more organisation and storage capabilities. Typically the interior will house a full-length hanging rail, while the third or fourth door conceals shelving or a single rail. Like the double-door wardrobe these larger wardrobes can also have top and bottom shelves and often drawers at the base. It all depends on the design of the particular wardrobe.

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes — There are a few types of sliding door wardrobes; some take up your full wall and others are like your freestanding wardrobe. Sliding door wardrobes can be very practical and especially good for rooms tight on space - you don't need to think about space to open your wardrobe doors.



The wardrobe is a dominating piece of furniture so it is important to select a style that best suits you. Pick something that will complement your décor and your own personal style.

High Gloss

high gloss style wardrobesModern styles with white or lightly coloured high gloss finishes can enhance the look of your room, whilst bringing a highly contemporary style to your space.

When finished in black or dark colours these modern styles can look quite bold and dominant; they make great feature pieces in your room but are perhaps more suited to larger spaces.


Oak wardrobe styles come in a variety of colours but they all enthuse your space with a feel of quality and natural warmth. Oak can be very versatile and compliments a wide range of decors. Light oak can create a fresh and spacious look whereas dark, sumptuous oak can create a more elegant style.

oak wardrobes


Pine is a great choice for creating a more traditional look. Pine wardrobes can come in the typical rich tones, antique style, waxed pine and also painted pine. All can be very versatile and easy to coordinate with your décor.

pine wardrobes


Wardrobe styles with a painted appearance can portray a clean, fresh look and can often have a feminine appearance. These styles are good for enhancing the look of your space due to the light finish. They are also very versatile, almost like a clean slate. Perfect for coordinating with your décor, and ideal if you like to change your décor frequently, as a white wardrobe will always match.

painted wardrobes

Final thoughts…

The fit

Remember to consider your bedroom's size and the space in which you want to put your wardrobe. You should always measure the space you have available so you can then compare those measurements to the wardrobe measurements we have on our website. You also need to consider the wardrobe's surrounding space. If your room is tight on space, you need to make sure you will be able to open your wardrobe doors and drawers, or you may want to consider a sliding door wardrobe.


We all have different budgets to stick to when buying new furniture. Remember that the wardrobe is a staple piece of bedroom furniture and offers essential storage. You want your wardrobe to be durable and last the test of time. With these things in mind spend as much as you can to ensure you purchase a quality wardrobe that will live up to your expectations.

View our complete range of wardrobes here.

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