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Buying a base

You'd think that bed bases would be simple, wouldn't you? Although it may seem that a base is just a base, in the world of beds nothing is quite that simple! Bases come in many different varieties, from ottomans and storage beds through to bunk beds and adjustable beds.

It's important to bear in mind that the comfort and life span of your mattress is affected by your choice of base, which is why they're usually sold as a matching pair. If you're going to buy them separately then you should ensure that they are suitable for use together - remember that one manufacturer's king size is not necessarily the same as another's, so check the exact dimensions.

Don't be tempted into buying a new mattress for an old base - it's a false economy. Not only will the old base lessen the support, comfort and life span of the new mattress, it will almost certainly invalidate any warranties or guarantees.


The divan bed is still the most popular style of bed base in the UK. A divan is usually upholstered in the same fabric as the mattress and can reach almost to the floor, in which case it will usually be available with some kind of storage unit.

Sprung edge divans are the most luxurious, featuring a complete spring unit which acts as a giant shock absorber and helps to prolong the life of the mattress.

Solid or platform top divans combine a wooden frame with a rigid upper panel to create a firm surface that's often to be found on orthopaedic beds. The wooden frame can also be topped with flexible wooden or sprung slats, which create some springiness in the base.

Firm edge bases are usually supplied with legs and castors. The spring system is is contained within a surrounding timber frame, which gives the base a firmer feel.

Any sort of divan base can accommodate drawers with no loss of stability or support. Whether they're located in the sides or the foot end, they offer a valuable extra storage area for anyone whose space is limited. Storage units won't affect the comfort or quality of your bed, but they do cost a little more. These are also available as underbed drawers to fit under various bedsteads.

Bed frames

Once thought old fashioned, bed frames have enjoyed a revival recently. This is thanks to the sheer range of styles and designs available and the types of materials used. They are mainly constructed from wood and metal but can also incorporate plastic, glass and a host of different fabrics including leather. Some are completely upholstered, including the headboard, which means you can add a splash of colour to your bedroom without having to re-decorate! There really is something for every taste.

All Furniture123 bed frames come complete with some form of mattress support system. The most common has wooden slats, but others feature wire mesh bases while some have fully sprung bases fitted for a more cushioned, luxurious feel.

Some beds also offer additional features such as under bed drawers, light fittings for the headboard and whole ranges of matching bedroom furniture.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds and cabin beds are a popular option for parent and kids. Designs range from traditional pine bunks to colourful highsleepers with tents, slides and desks. Most people have fond memories of bunk beds from their childhood. If you want to give your kids similar fun-filled memories, and save some space whilst you're at it, then choose a good quality set that meets the European Standard EN747. (As do all sold at Furniture123).

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