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Permanent Sale Page

Permanent Sale Page

What’s great about having a hall / console table?

Hall and console tables are great for providing an attractive and welcoming centrepiece for those who come through your front door, as well as an ideal place to store those bits and bobs you may need before dashing out of a morning. They are also extremely versatile and can fit into any room, even the kitchen!

This buying guide for hall and console tables reveals and explains the different factors you should consider before purchasing a table, which will help you identify the one you want much quicker!

Here are the things you should be considering before purchasing a hall or console table:

» How much space do you have?

The last thing you want is to buy a hall or console table then find you either have to squeeze past it in the hallway, or find you’re constantly knocking things off it as your brush past it with thick coats and bags. So you must now measure the width of you hallway or room to check how much space you have to place a table in! The average width of a hallway varies between 91cm or 106cm, and about 121cm for larger hallways, and the majority of our hall and console tables fall between 30cm and 40cm in depth, meaning that you’re likely to have at least double, triple, or quadruple times the amount of space to walk past it, but still check!

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» What’s going round it?

To make sure the style and function of the room remains intact, you need to consider what is in the room already and what may surround it:

1. If it’s going in the hallway do you want to place a mirror above it, or buy one with a mirror for last minute preening?

2. Do you have other furniture in the room such as a chair or a hat and coat stand that you might want to match it up with?

3. Do you need a massive one if there are other storage spaces available in the hall?

4. Which way do your doors swing open?

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» How much storage do you need?

What is the table for? Is it for making a focus point in the hallway, with just a vase of flowers or a lamp on top? Or is it meant to function as another place to store hallway things like telephones, keys, and purses? You can choose between a selection of storage spaces in our hall and console table collection. With top drawers, lower shelves, and even wine rack shelving for a more provincial look, you can find a table that is as minimalist or as functional as you like. Tip: Consider where you’re putting the table. Whilst a hall table may go in the hall, will a console table be going in your living room and therefore need drawers for remotes or unread letters? Or will it be going in the kitchen for displaying wine bottles and pretty pottery, and want some extra shelving?

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»How comfortable are you with assembling it?

Although all flat-packed, self-assembly furniture comes with easy-to-follow instructions and fittings, assembling furniture understandably not everyone’s favourite thing, and sometimes it’s not possible to have someone help out. Tables come in a variety of sizes, but due to the slimmer depth of hall tables, it is possible to choose between a self-assembled or assembly not required table for your convenience. If you do pick a hall or console table that requires some assembly, here are a few tips for assembling it:


• Using power tools is strongly not advised, as this could cause some damage and will also invalidate the warranty.

• Assemble with a blanket or sheet on the floor to protect your new piece of furniture from scratches, as well as your floor.

• Assemble as close to intended final room position, as this is a large, heavy product to manoeuvre. Keep your hardware in a bowl to prevent losing any!

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console buying guide

console buying guide

What colour do I want?

With the basic materials, you do have the choice of some fantastic finishes and colours. Whether you want to complement or contrast the room it’s going in, picking a tone of different wood finish can set the tone of the room and needs to be carefully considered.

With an already wide range of materials you can completely alter the look of it with a choice of colour, wooden, or metallic finishes for the hall and console tables.

Tip: Think about what flooring you have: Whist metallic, mirrored, and monochrome finished will go with tiled or hardwood hallways, colour and wooden finished tables might go better with carpet and wood.